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“You can’t drive forward looking in the rear-view mirror.”

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It was easy to miss Jerry Ross at the Public Relations Society of America’s International Conference in Orlando.  The session he spoke at was on the last day of the event, at a time when many attendees were more focused on checking out of their hotels and making travel connections.  The executive director of the […]

Lessons Learned from Andre Agassi

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Back in Andre Agassi’s acid-washed-jean-shorts-and-tights-wearing days, he was identified with the tagline, “Image is Everything.” It was the centerpiece of ads he did for Canon and no doubt helped sell cameras, in part because it embodied what we thought was cool at the time. Whether it was an athlete, a product, or company, the early ’90s […]

Are They too Big to Care?

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I fired my bank recently. I share this not to brag or shame them publicly (although if that happens, so be it) but as a reminder that all businesses have an obligation to satisfy the customers that support them.  Long after I’ve forgotten the details of mistakes that were made, I’ll remember how I was treated, […]