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Act Like the Best Version of You

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“Fake it till you make it” is an expression you’ve no doubt heard and maybe even shared with those insecure about situations outside their comfort zone. It’s a popular saying that recommends acting confident and in control, even when the reality is the opposite, on the assumption that bluster and bullshit is the answer to lack […]

Stay in Your Lane

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The headline – “I Was Prince’s Private Chef” – sucked me in, like so many other productivity-killing internet clicks had before. What I was hoping to learn (Prince and I like the same food!), I’m not quite sure, but it turns out an important business tip was on the menu. The chef, Margaret Wetzler, shares […]

Drinking on the Job

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I drank a (tiny) bottle of tequila at work today. Truth be told, I’d been planning to do it for quite a while, but the time never seemed quite right. I hadn’t won a significant award, landed the account that would propel my business to dizzying heights, or had any one moment that would signal […]

Twitter and Quality Writing Don’t Have to be Mutually Exclusive

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The written word, at its best, does many things. Informs, persuades, motivates, brings laughter or tears . . . and that’s just the short list. It takes readers places they’ve never been, connects them to those they’ve never met, and puts them center-stage at events that may or may not have taken place in the […]

Celebrity Speakers Bring ROI to Events

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While there are surely worse things in the world than a boring event, try telling that to attendees looking at their watches, playing games on their phone, or constantly checking social networks. Whether a corporate outing, nonprofit fundraiser, team-building exercise, or other planned gathering, organizers owe it to those who’ve committed their time and resources […]

Like Facebook’s Relationship Status, with Trump, It’s Complicated

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Before he was a presidential candidate, hosted “The Apprentice” on TV, or became known as “The Donald,” Donald Trump was a sometimes spectacularly successful New York-based businessman who spoke at an event I attended in the city. Back then, he wasn’t nearly the bombastic — a word that seems like it could have been invented […]

An Open Letter to Britt McHenry

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Dear Britt, While I’m far from proclaiming the ‘incident’ the best thing that could have happened to your broadcasting career,  I’m also equally distant from those who believe this is something you’ll never be able to overcome. I’ll admit the videotape of you, an on-air talent at ESPN, verbally berating the cashier at a towing […]

(How to) Get in the Game

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I was recently the featured speaker at a networking event for business executives. The topic was media relations and my objective was to provide enough of the basics for them to make a legitimate attempt to pitch and place something news or feature worthy from their company in an outlet or two that matters to […]

Hey Hey Hey

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Like many of my generation, I grew up appreciating Bill Cosby. In my childhood, he was one of the first standup comedians whose work I knew and many a Saturday morning was spent with “Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids.” Years later, he became Cliff Huxtable and brought more joy to my TV. Cosby was […]

Learning Lessons from “The Boss”

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  “Are you ready to be transformed?” That’s the warning shot Bruce Springsteen greeted his audience with at a recent show I attended. Not “are you ready to have a good time?” or “it’s great to be back in South Florida,” but an unspoken promise to deliver a life-altering experience. The ultimate concert ROI in six […]