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UF Gets it Right

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When former University of Florida broadcaster Steve Babik was recently charged by federal authorities with possessing and distributing child pornography on his home computer, his ex-employer released a media statement that was textbook crisis communications. While it was probably tempting for the University Athletic Association (UAA) to look at Babik’s arrest as his crisis, the nature of […]

Two Decades of Hectic Days

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Happy 20th anniversary to friends (and clients) Paul & Young Ron . . . the “morning show for all of South Florida” has been kickin’ ass since 1990.

Crisis Communications 101

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When working with media in a crisis situation, there are some basic communication guidelines to follow. They won’t make the negative news go away, but will significantly shorten the time the story spends near the top of the news cycle and go a long way toward preserving relationships/audiences you had prior to the crisis: Tell what you […]