Are They too Big to Care?

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I fired my bank recently.

I share this not to brag or shame them publicly (although if that happens, so be it) but as a reminder that all businesses have an obligation to satisfy the customers that support them.  Long after I’ve forgotten the details of mistakes that were made, I’ll remember how I was treated, and how little urgency there was to correct situations they created.  Each issue that arose, and there were a number of them, was met with comments like, “It’s an automated system; we have no control over it” and “It will be 7-10 business days for us to get that resolved.”

I realize I’m a proverbial drop in the bucket to them and that me taking my business somewhere else will not even register on their radar. But I also know that I can’t treat my clients the way I was treated without consequences and that customer service and human decency still count for something.

So, while they weren’t particularly inclined to take action and correct a bad situation, I was.

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