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A Gamble that Paid Off

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Today is Todd Defren‘s birthday and I feel I should get him a present, even though I’ve never met the CEO of Shift Communications in person. More than five years ago, Todd gave me one of life’s precious gifts, inspiration, with this post on his PR-squared blog. At the time, I was physically present but mentally wandering […]

Adapt or Die (and that’s no joke)

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Most companies do a good job identifying their target audience(s) but often drop the (marketing) ball when it comes to the all-important next step: delivering the message. They make the mistake of communicating in a way that is most comfortable or convenient to them (I’m looking at you, email blast) instead of the way recipients […]

He Left a Trail

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Next month will be a year since I lost a close friend and business mentor in a tragic accident. Jeff Bolton left behind a wife, two kids, parents, a brother, and more people impacted by his short life than can be counted. I know because I’m one of them. An accountant by trade, entrepreneur in […]