public-relations-servicesIf not having a niche is a niche unto itself, then that accurately describes our focus at Impact Players. Everyone from nonprofit organizations to professional service providers to UFC fighters have had their communications goals accomplished through our campaigns, because our generalist’s approach to outreach and communications doesn’t vary by industry. Whoever you are and wherever your target audience is, whether it be 60 or 60,000, we will:

  • Communicate messages that matter most
  • Answer the audience’s ‘what’s in it for me?’ question
  •  Secure opportunities
  • Position your brand in a way that maximizes ROI

We do this by tailoring our services, some of which are listed below, to meet the client’s goals and objectives:

  • Media Relations (traditional  and social)
  • Crisis Communications
  • Relationship creation/enhancement
  • Content creation
  • Audience creation
  • Creative and technical writing
  • Website design and programming
  • Graphic arts
  • Media buying

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