UF Gets it Right

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When former University of Florida broadcaster Steve Babik was recently charged by federal authorities with possessing and distributing child pornography on his home computer, his ex-employer released a media statement that was textbook crisis communications.

While it was probably tempting for the University Athletic Association (UAA) to look at Babik’s arrest as his crisis, the nature of his longtime and very visible role as one of their employees demanded a comment to the press.  Theirs read, “We were made aware of the investigation in late November and immediately suspended Steve Babik from his work responsibilities.  Now that he has been charged, his employment has been terminated.  We are deeply disturbed by the charges.”

The UAA’s statement communicated to audiences that they took  decisive action at the appropriate times, won’t tolerate illegal/immoral behavior and are as disgusted by what they’ve heard as their fans will be.

Concise, substantive, and positioned appropriately.  Nicely played.

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