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Stay in Your Lane

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The headline – “I Was Prince’s Private Chef” – sucked me in, like so many other productivity-killing internet clicks had before. What I was hoping to learn (Prince and I like the same food!), I’m not quite sure, but it turns out an important business tip was on the menu. The chef, Margaret Wetzler, shares […]

Twitter and Quality Writing Don’t Have to be Mutually Exclusive

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The written word, at its best, does many things. Informs, persuades, motivates, brings laughter or tears . . . and that’s just the short list. It takes readers places they’ve never been, connects them to those they’ve never met, and puts them center-stage at events that may or may not have taken place in the […]

Learning Lessons from “The Boss”

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¬† “Are you ready to be transformed?” That’s the warning shot Bruce Springsteen¬†greeted his audience with at a recent show I attended. Not “are you ready to have a good time?” or “it’s great to be back in South Florida,” but an unspoken promise to deliver a life-altering experience. The ultimate concert ROI in six […]