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I was recently the featured speaker at a networking event for business executives. The topic was media relations and my objective was to provide enough of the basics for them to make a legitimate attempt to pitch and place something news or feature worthy from their company in an outlet or two that matters to them.

The intent wasn’t to be overly strategic, integrate tactics, or take a comprehensive approach to public relations, which are things we do at Impact Players. This was more a ‘one-off,’ an opportunity for a small to medium-sized business that wasn’t looking to engage a firm to still reach a target audience with information they thought had value. A sort of media relations for beginners, if you will.

The information maybe helpful to your organization as well, which is why I’m sharing the outline here.

I.   Why is Media Coverage Important to Your Business?

  • Reach, influence potential/existing customers
  • Positions brand
  • Establishes expertise, industry leadership
  • Earned media brings (3rd party) credibility
  • Opportunities to repurpose for other audiences

II.  Which Media Outlets are Important to You?

  • Those that deliver target audiences
  • Mainstream (print/broadcast), online, industry, vertical markets

III. Which Editorial Contacts Might be Interested in Your News?

  • Identify by beat
  • Read recent content they’ve written/posted
  • Follow them online (blogs, social networks, etc.)
  • Engage with comments and further discussion
  • Connect

IV.  What’s News or Feature Worthy?

  • Answer “what’s in it for them?” question
  • Unique, one-of-a-kind
  • Industry trend
  • Big impact on audience
  • Can you teach audience something that can be used in their business?

V.   What do You Have to Offer?

  • Senior-level interviews, access
  • Photos/video
  • Background info
  • Statistics
  • Insider access to your facility
  • Product sample
  • By-lined column, Letter-to-the-Editor

Thanks for your time and attention – let’s connect again soon.

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