Some Needed Perspective

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It had been one of those days.  One of the ones where seemingly everything goes wrong and disappointment is around every corner.  A day where you go to bed early, just so that you can make “today” into “yesterday” without any further damage.

Then a remarkable thing happened . . . I got an e-mail.  Not just any e-mail, mind you, but one from the mother of child who had a wish granted by the Make-A-Wish Foundation® of Southern Florida, an Impact Players client.  Their son, David, a promising high school pitcher whose career had been derailed by illness, had traveled to Southern California to have his mechanics evaluated by former major league pitcher and current USC coach Tom House.  It was David’s hope that with some expert instruction and a little bit of luck with his health, he might be able to earn a college scholarship to play baseball.

Mom was thankful for some of the media opportunities we arranged for her family, but also wanted to share “the power of a wish.”

“I tried to explain (to the reporter) how incredible the experience was for us and how much it means to David.  It is hard to find the words that do it justice.   For us, having something to look forward to right when David needed it and then getting the encouragement that he got from Tom House has been life changing for him . . . it gave my son hope at a time when he needed it.  How do you thank someone for that?  It is beyond words.

David has tryouts next week for the Varsity spring team.  There is an amazing amount of talent on this team and they are ‘stacked’ with pitchers.  Hopefully, he will make it.  David thinks he will and has been training and working on the things that House taught him all through his holiday and time off (the wish is still making his life better).  Since his time with Coach House, David thinks he can do anything.   He had a Dr.’s appointment today and is the healthiest that he has been in three years (even the benign bone tumor in his leg has gone).  We don’t take anything for granted and we don’t know the what the future holds but thanks to (Make-A-Wish) and two incredibly smart doctors, David is living his dream today.”

Like I said, it was a great day.

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