Maybe the ‘World Record’ Ain’t What You Think

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This record has nothing to do with motorcycles.

The Guinness World Records people have a new division that helps companies figure out what records can be set for brands and products, and another division to help record-setters get media attention. The process costs nearly $5,000, which includes having a judge verify the accomplishment and brainstorm other potential record opportunities.

Does knowing this change your perception of Guinness and the records it chronicles?

Source: Tactics (November 2010)

One Response to “Maybe the ‘World Record’ Ain’t What You Think”

  1. Steve Lack

    It seems like $5k would be well spent with the mileage you could get out of something like this. I’m thinking about what kind of records a web developer could achieve? Most last minute changes before a launch? Most bug fixes in a single day? Or my favorites: Best customer service, Fastest delivery from concept to launch. I’ll have to work on this…and save up $5k!

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