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Celebrity Speakers Bring ROI to Events

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While there are surely worse things in the world than a boring event, try telling that to attendees looking at their watches, playing games on their phone, or constantly checking social networks. Whether a corporate outing, nonprofit fundraiser, team-building exercise, or other planned gathering, organizers owe it to those who’ve committed their time and resources […]

Hope, Strength, and Joy is the Best Medicine

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One of the common misconceptions about the Make-A-Wish Foundation is that it only grants the wishes of children who are terminally ill.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  The kids all have life-threatening medical conditions, but, thankfully, many grow up to lead healthy lives. At Impact Players, we work with the media to help […]

And Now for Something Really Important . . .

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He was handcuffed, blindfolded, forced to wear a ghilly suit, and taken to an undisclosed location . . . then OMG Mike’s day got worse. As punishment for losing an on-air bet that initially cost him his job, Paul & Young Ron’s sidekick will live for more than two days with giant Galapagos turtles during […]

Two Decades of Hectic Days

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Happy 20th anniversary to friends (and clients) Paul & Young Ron . . . the “morning show for all of South Florida” has been kickin’ ass since 1990.