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What Would Fudgie (the Whale) Do?

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Faced with the “adapt or die” scenario, one would assume business people would understand the need to change. Yet each day there are numerous examples of those who still cling to the thinking of the past, even at the expense of their future. Here’s one example: My daughter really likes those crunchy, chocolate things that […]

What They’re Saying about Impact Players

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‎“I’ve had the opportunity to work with numerous public relations professionals over the years and have found precious few of them that share the same level of innovative and strategic thinking as Stu Opperman. For more than 10 years, we have worked together on a variety of projects with positive results. We rely on Stu […]

Iron Chefs?

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    If you were looking for the epicenter of the food and cooking world one recent morning, there was no need to look further than the “Paul & Young Ron Show.”   Celebrity chefs Emeril Lagasse and Guy Fieri hosted the show’s annual cook-off between Paul Castronovo and “Young” Ron Brewer, with the “Iron […]

Some Needed Perspective

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It had been one of those days.  One of the ones where seemingly everything goes wrong and disappointment is around every corner.  A day where you go to bed early, just so that you can make “today” into “yesterday” without any further damage. Then a remarkable thing happened . . . I got an e-mail. […]

Maybe the ‘World Record’ Ain’t What You Think

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The Guinness World Records people have a new division that helps companies figure out what records can be set for brands and products, and another division to help record-setters get media attention. The process costs nearly $5,000, which includes having a judge verify the accomplishment and brainstorm other potential record opportunities. Does knowing this change your […]

Hope, Strength, and Joy is the Best Medicine

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One of the common misconceptions about the Make-A-Wish Foundation is that it only grants the wishes of children who are terminally ill.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  The kids all have life-threatening medical conditions, but, thankfully, many grow up to lead healthy lives. At Impact Players, we work with the media to help […]

A Friendly Inquisition

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20 years of hectic daze . . . that’s what it’s been for Paul & Young Ron and their legion of fans in South Florida. To recognize and celebrate the milestone, Boca Raton magazine’s Marie Speed asked the popular radio show hosts the questions and the guys, as usual, the guys weren’t at a loss for […]